Backstage at Oscar de la Renta FW2014.

Baseball, hell of a sport. 

Marilia Dutra backstage Oscar de la Renta 

Freeman’s Alley


New York City is, for the most part, full of ambitious, smart, passionate and generally interesting people. We come here to cut our teeth, make our way, prove we can do it, and yet, get a room full of these people together and we end up talking mostly about work. 

We wanted to change that at Fohr Card, and so, launched a speaking series called TenFohr in which we would ask amazing, driven people to come and talk for 10 minutes, the only rule? Their topic couldn’t have anything to do with their job or work.

Last night we had our 5th and largest #tenfohr. Jeff Laub, founder of blindbarber told us why sometimes it’s good to disconnect. Kata de Solis, managing director of Moving Image and Content defended her hoarding as a by product of growing up in the consumption obsessed 80’s. Lee sang us a song that touched a group of weary travelers on an Indian train and naveen, co-founder of Foursquare, reminded us that sometimes you climb a mountain for the view you get of yourself, not the clouds.

Everyone has a story to tell, most of us just never ask. 

Focusing on snow. 

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Was really excited to get a full page in Men’s Health this month! 

Same snaps from the last few weeks. 


Mathieu in J.Lindeberg. 


connect the dots. fall 2014.

photo by james nord.

A few minutes at the circus. 

Waiting to leave Milwaukee.

Olivia Lopez, from last weekend. 

Lovely, as always. Oscar de la Renta FW2014