A night in Chinatown with Dylan


A walk in the woods. 

The Fohr Card team went to Blue Mountain Lake to get away from the internet and talk about our future, and obviously also to put Penny into a canoe. 

the grass is always greener.

Dusk at the Marcy stop.


Some snaps from the last few weeks. 




Thank you to everyone who came out last night to F* Wednesdays with Fohr Card and Fleur du Mal! Special thanks to Phhhoto for the both, Tin Cup for the booze, Blind Barber for the space and Alix Brown for the tunes. Let’s do it again! 


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Day One in California, we spun the legs for 20 miles, ate some BBQ and played around in Specialized’s “Win Tunnel” 

Dave taught Don how to swim while we were waiting to check in to our hotel last week. Which was a perfect example of a good friendship.

You don’t know how to swim? Get your ass in the pool and I’ll teach you. 

Totally excellent. 

Boys of summer.

Last night from Williamsburg. 

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Random assortment from May. 


Foggy on 57th. 

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Côte d’Azur