Bound up the stairs, make that train.

A few months back, J. Lindeberg had their Saks Fith Avenue debut. To mark the event I asked a few friends to suit up and come to the party on 5th Ave. Thanks to Collin Hughes, Josh Woods, Mike Abu and Dylan Nord, y’all look great. 

Dylan last night after the Peleton Photo Annual launch at the Rapha Cycle Club

Fohr Card vs Warheads

Remember Warheads, if you grew up in the 90’s just thinking about Warheads will probably send your saliva glands into overdrive. On the way to work today, I stopped in at Economy Candy on the Lower East Side to get something for the office and there, in the corner, was a display of hundreds of warheads. I grabbed a handful, shot into the office, and had everyone line up, pop one in and take a 10 second trip back to their childhood. 

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Working on disappearing. 


Took a walk, took some shots. 

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It was all coming down, yes, but they watched it together.

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The man saw the storm, he kept walking. That made all the difference. 

I was pretty quiet here on Tumblr over the holidays, but I spent it around people I love here in New York City. Here is a look from Instagram

Got my Mom some Oscar de la Renta for Christmas. 

Anyone else just catch the sun-snowshower? 

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Jayson’s new dog, Odin. 

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Raining here. 


East Village. 


One of my favorite tables in New York is the window seat at The Smile