Roads we rode

Roads so straight you they remind you of the cartoons when Wiley cyote would pick up a winding road and snap it straight. Roads so curvy you slide back on your saddle before you bank into them. Dirt roads that sent dust into your already dry mouth, choking you, reminding you the desert could kill you if it so please. We rode roads that went to 9,000 feet and ones that went to a barb wire fence. We rattled our teeth as we flew over cattle guards and roadkill.

We rode to the edge of our limits and to the end of our bottles. We rode into new friendships and took a lap around old ones. In the end, it became  clear that it’s not about the roads your ride, but how you ride them.  

Rehearsal at thombrowneny

Last 1.5 hours to show time at Thom Browne FW2014.

Making Icons ›

In which I think about what the internet can learn from the Chelsea Hotel and Gaslight Tavern 

10 from Florida. 

Megan on the beach. 

One of the most enduring memories from my childhood is the smell of the exhaust coming out of my Dad’s XKE. 

1964 Jaguar XKE

Spirit of Ecstasy 

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My family is not one for idleness. and whenever we visit our Dad down in Florida it ends up being a pretty packed weekend. Sunday morning we went out a few miles off the coast to do some deep sea fishing. We spent a few boring hours pulling Tile fish off the bottom of the ocean. They’d come up 700 feet in a matter of minutes and be racked with the bends, eyes piping out of their heads, by the time they got to the top. 

On the way back to shore we decided to fish for sharks for an hour. We ended up attracting a hammerhead who spit the bait out 4 times before finally committing to it. Took about 20 minutes to pull him in, and get him onto the boat. 

Once on a solid surface, the shark slipped out of the rope and thrashed around looking for a leg to bite. Our guide got his leg cut open trying to hold him down, but we finally got him measured (6.5 feet) and threw him back. 

It was surreal to see two men throw a 150 pound fish through the air, body twisting wildly, suspended for a moment before the inevitable crash of water. 

Raced down in Delray this morning. Nice to feel the sun on my legs again.

find happiness in the cold. 

Red + White. 

New watch from Bravur

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