Some Oscar de la Renta runway looks from their AW2014 show. 

After one of the hardest rides of my life, 112 miles, 12,500 feet of climbing with Cat 1’s and ex-pros. I limped down the the beach with chrisriekert and Logan to watch the sun tumble slowly into it’s water bed. 


Happy Birthday James!
June 23rd 1988:
You have the determination and discipline of someone twice your age. You always practice and practice until you get it right. I know whatever you do with your life you will approach it with enthusiasm and determination - you are bound for greatness! You are kind, tender and optimistic about people and life. You will succeed at anything you do - right now you say you are going to fly a spaceship and I can have a ride !

I can never tell you in words the joy you have brought me , it has been a great joy to watch you grow into the man you are today .


Saving you the front seat of the spaceship Mom

Negative space in Santa Cruz

I had the pleasure of riding with these fine gentlemen over the weekend, I was humbled, I was dropped, I laughed, I wanted to cry. In the end it was 200 miles and 22,000 feet of climbing that I won’t soon forget. Stay tuned later this week for an exciting announcement from Specialized. 

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wave good morning. 


I walked home the other night. 

R U S H 

Trench coats  remind me of running. Fathers late for their train, young men running through the rain to right their wrongs, thugs pushing through a crowd chasing an unassuming hero. They remind me of motion, of arms pumping, legs throbbing. They remind me that if you have to be in a rush, you might as well look good.

Jackets: J. Lindeberg

Model: Mike Abu

Big skies rolling through. 

when will the wind stop? 


10 from the weekend. 


The all new Blind Barber on 524 Lorimer St in Brooklyn. Congratulations to Jeff Laub and the whole team, it’s beautiful. 


Riding in Tucson: 4 days, 305 miles, 18,500 feet of climbing, 20 hours. All different, all beautiful, all sun, all smiles. 

Snow + Flowers. Spring meets Winter. 

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It’s like that today. 

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