Hey Internet! Do you like my new Moscot glasses?

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  2. hipstajunkie answered: Yes. I do like your new Moscot glasses.
  3. unspokenthoughts82 answered: yesums
  4. ksssh answered: nice. u look good. :)
  5. eyedreamawake answered: Yes! Dashing quality to it. Do you see better? Do they help you see things and people as you should have always but never knew? I need them.
  6. millanphotography answered: Yes.
  7. marcbro answered: fitting so well!
  8. marcus-hagerstrand answered: They look awesome!
  9. unremitting answered: tre chic
  10. natashajahangir answered: winner!
  11. hollyletitbe answered: Yes, I like it.
  12. thekylelai answered: Dont know about the internet but i like your new glasses :D
  13. bythesand answered: I like!
  14. bwreality answered: yes =)
  15. fromoldharbour answered: Yes.
  16. explories answered: You look very presidential.
  17. thisboyisanalog said: Yes. :) They remind me of my Ray Bans horn rims.
  18. justmeandtheworld answered: Cool complement!
  19. reubenmartens answered: Stylish :P
  20. briansjournals answered: Yes, they’re quite nice.
  21. lnwu answered: yeah. ;)
  22. ukulele-hero answered: Fuck yeah, Moscot are the best. Rocking my own pair of Nebbs at the moment.
  23. peculiaritea answered: Yes, very much! :)
  24. jennacarver answered: Yes. Hot dayum.
  25. somedaysiwriteblogs answered: Fly.. Where’d the rest of the getup come from?
  26. mmmmarcccco answered: Yeah!. but me one of those :D
  27. visforvice answered: yes
  28. elipante answered: Yes, I do like them very much! :)