I don’t think it is any secret that Rapha has been one of, if not my favorite brand since I bought my first jersey 3 years ago. Since then I have suffered in, grown in, won in and lost in their clothes. For me it’s always been about more than a stripe on the left arm, Rapha embodies everything I love about cycling. The ability to push your body to a place that allows you to become part of something bigger than you as an individual. 

So saying that it is with a lot of excitement that I get to tell you all that Dylan and I will be racing for the Rapha NYC team this year. It is an honor to represent something you love and you can believe we will both be working to bring home some wins.

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  1. paulgordon said: That’s fantastic. I hope you both rack up plenty of wins this year.
  2. thebadthegoodtheugly said: Good on you gents! Look forward to the highlight reel this upcoming season? Does this include a bike change as well?
  3. rhodeskc said: Congratulations!
  4. bonedeth said: You’re going to be teammates with Zee Peppo!!
  5. bendelaney said: Congrats man. That’s fucking great.
  6. nathaniel-young said: Congratulations!! You both deserve it!
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    Congrats boys! Looking forward to hearing about your results.
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