American Express is up there in the list of great American brands. They have managed to take a charge card and turn it into a lifestyle. So what can we learn about branding from Amex? 

  • Make it exclusive - Like most great luxury brands it is not easy to get an Amex, they have high standards and they don’t bend on them. Not only does this exclusivity make the product more desirable, it helps them sell you lower end products. Think of Chanel, they don’t sell much of their runway designs, they use those to sell millions of dollars a year in sunglasses and perfume. 
  • Spread some mystery - In the late nineties, there were amazing and almost unbelievable stories circulating about Amex cards that you could buy anything on. Yachts, planes, buildings etc. These were mostly not true, but the idea of a secret card was sexy. That’s right, they made credit sexy. Mystery is the thing that makes relationships so exciting, so think about your brand and what is mysterious about it. If you can’t come up with something you might want to change that. 
  • Back it up - Amex has been a solid company for decades. They make their product expensive, difficult to get and it is not even accepted everywhere. What they do though is provide the best service, perks and maybe best of all ease of mind in the credit industry. They back it all up by never forget their core product. 

So with all of that I am happy to say: James Nord, Card Member since ‘11

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    bought a tv for ma new apartment. the green man on my card is wincing.
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    American Express is up there in the list of great American brands. They have managed to take a charge card and turn it...
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