It’s Monday, anyone out there share Flagg’s sentiment?

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  1. timonmki answered: It’s Tuesday and I’m still sharing…
  2. holmv answered: I had the answer box to that question on tuesday. Too late.
  3. rederos answered: Hmm im not quite sure what Flagg’s sentiment is but i feel sleepy bout monday thou =w=
  4. meandallmybestfriends answered: that’s freakin cute. when it was small I thought it was a skunk, I was confused. now I just want to hug that doggy <3
  5. agaatarii answered: I hate Sundays more
  6. davidcrowley answered: Luckily, Monday’s are my Saturdays.
  7. futureroses answered: I share it even more. I would very much enjoy crawling away and reading a good book and listening to music.
  8. rhodeskc answered: *hand up*
  9. self-portrait-or-not-so answered: Do U mean… who does feel like facing up to this cold Monday? I don’t, at all. So yes, I share Flagg’s sentiment, for sure ;)
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  11. millanphotography answered: yes. hate this monday. the end.
  12. imnogenius answered: Completely. It’s the week of midterms over here…need divine intervention
  13. kari-shma answered: I did.. but now it’s almost tuesday for me.
  14. sarazucker said: oh, yes.
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  16. organized-clutter answered: Indeed.
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