Anonymous asked: Hey James, how does someone find their passion? What if following it seems terrifying and most likely leading to failure?

What if not following it is terrifying and most likely leads to disappointment?

Following your passions is scary because the stakes are so much higher, you are putting your beliefs on display for the world saying, “this is what I love” and allowing them to judge that. it’s terrifying. But in the end you have to go for it becaue it’s better to be a failure than a¬†disappointment.

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  1. dmb-mm-bs said: To whomever posted this question, you need to be able to decide this for yourself. If someone else tells you your passion, you are in for a life of trouble.
  2. i-changed-my-name said: I’m a musician, and sometimes this shakes me up a bit. Just remember why you do what you love, and if it is only for people to accept you, then how do you love it? Do it for the people who influenced you, and for the people you love. Do it for yourself.
  3. the-sf-lovely said: so wonderful. I need this today.