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I walked home the other night. 

West Village + Brooklyn in this morning’s unfavorable conditions. 

This morning in Central Park 

Bound up the stairs, make that train.

One of my favorite tables in New York is the window seat at The Smile

I love how the falling snow can change New York City and the people who live here. 

I walked from Williamsburg to Greenpoint the other night, skipping the shortcuts and taking my time. 

Christmas is open for business in New York City. 

Looking up on Park Ave. 

empire state. 

Around the bend, into Williamsburg. 

The fog laid around longer than it usually does yesterday. 

Every morning I ride my bike around and around Central Park and am tortured by the things I can’t take pictures of, but not today. This morning I put my camera on my bike and did a slow lap around the park at 7:00AM. 

Few things are as perfect as New York City in the fall. It’s a season of change tucked into a city that thrives on it.