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5AM alarms never get’s easier but you do get faster, you do get better.

GPOYW by dylan nord

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Instagram Roundup, It’s been a lot of cycling. 

Dylan and I pulled on our Daddy Long Socks and did some Sandy hunting yesterday. 

Yesterday Dylan and I emptied our legs, filled our lungs and cleared our heads. It’s in times of turmoil that I am most thankful for my bike and it’s ability to temper you. The physical unraveling of yourself can help you not to become unraveled emotionally. 

GPOYW: sometimes you have to go at it alone. Bike racing has taught me the benefit of taking chances and committing to your decisions.

Dylan and I sat on the front of the race, chased down breaks, got into other ones, came into the last lap looking to lead out Dylan, got blocked by FGX, went from 5th wheel to 25th in 100 yards, ended up with no result.

Lots of work for nothing but a lesson, so it goes, so it goes. 

pictures mostly from my ever lovely mother

GPOYW: Time Trail Warm Up vs Time Trial Reality, I enjoyed the warm up more. 

I have been at a stage race in Killington this weekend and my form is not quite there yet, but it’s almost over, it’s almost over. 

Dylan glassy eyed after an 87 mile ride with 6,800 feet of climbing this afternoon. 

Woke up at 4:30AM, got 3rd in a bike race, rode 65 more miles with my friends, ended up with 105 miles on the day and now, a cold German beer. Enjoy your weekend kids.

A tough day at the office for Rapha NYC rider Matt Seaton


I have never been through any kind of real trial or tribulation, but I do know enough about suffering to know it follows a bell curve. Pain is handed out in increasing dosage, ensuring sure you are crazy enough to keep enduring it.

That’s how I found myself weaving across an idillic country road in Western Mass on my birthday. The bonk had snuck up on me, and 60 miles of not enough food, mixed with climbing and 27mph pace lines put me in a dark place. Alone, on that road it’s easy to feel sorry for yourself, to see the tall grass and hear the slow breeze whispering “it’s over” and “i won’t tell”. And I swear I wanted to, I saw this vision of myself laying down, hidden by that same tall grass, cooled down by that comforting breeze. 

Just then the whispering breeze was replaced by the unmistakable buzz of my brother’s Zipp 404’s next to me. He had fallen back out of the field to get me or at least ride next to me. I don’t know if he dropped back because it was my birthday and didn’t want me to be alone, or because he thought he could help, but I loved him wildly in that moment. In the depths of my bonk, I was being saved. He was kind enough to not speak to me, but quietly get in front of me, split the wind and provide the pace. 

Extreme circumstances allow for extreme compassion and on my birthday, in the Berkshires I was happy  first for my brother’s wheel but mostly his love. 

Pre Race: Dylan Nord, 6:30AM at the Days Inn of Lennox MA featuring the Rapha Pro Team Base Layer and Mad Alchemy Embrocation

You know I realized I never posted about Battenkill, so here we go. 

rolled out, cracked some jokes, 3 guys went 100 meters off the front 1km in, made fun of them with the rest of the peleton, dylan and i were stuck on the front pulling the first 20 miles, i offered people 40% off rapha discount codes if they would help, they respectfully declined, still feeling good, climbing well, getting sunburned, mile 40 —> flat tire, neutral service wants to have a conversation i just want a fucking wheel, chased hard for 10k, realized it was a lost cause, cruised in to the finish, hugged jayson for winning his race, pouted like a child for 2 hours, ate a burger, felt better, flew to brazil, got fat, came home, back on the bike.