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My niece and the moon

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This little girl had a birthday yesterday. Taylor says she doesn’t read my blog so much anymore (punk!) but if she sees this, love you Tay. 

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Taylor looking expectant and excited just a few days from Christmas. {view large}

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She was always late but they never cared, people were just happy she was there at all. 

It feels natural to run through Grand Central, bag brushing the back of your knees, hand on your hat and head held high. Everyone becomes a running back when they are late, juking and spinning around other travelers, in a mad dash to make it to Track 23. 

Happy Birthday Taylor, you are a patient model, a great hugger and (almost) always get me a drink when I ask. I love you for all of these things and more. 

Taylor turns seven tomorrow and she already knows how to stay clam and placid while the stylists fixes her hair. The whole shoot we did in Grand Central will be up in the next few days. 

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Taylor was a avant-garde skeleton for Halloween. 

love my nieces eyes

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She was lacerated by happiness, infected with the levity of her youth. 

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Taylor let your hair down.

Taylor broke her wrist on the second day of school and she said she did not even cry, or maybe she just half-cried. 

Enjoy the last sigh of summer. 

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Taylor paying her Dad back for this

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Nobody has asked me to shoot a fashion editorial yet (assholes), but I do keep a list of ideas on my iPhone. I did some research to see if I could find anyone that had done anything with spraying models with a hose (it has to exist because it is not that novel an idea). You have a bunch of elements for a good shoot. The water holds light amazingly well and adds texture, it’s fun so you will get actual emotion and all the running around would created needed motion in the clothes. 

So, basically what I am saying is, I am available. 

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