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Alexis proving that sometimes friendship means going to dinner through the storm. 

Alexis Lamster

It was about four years ago that I hired the bright eyes and fohawked Alexis Lamster for a job I knew she was too good for, but I needed bright people and she was willing to make a go at it so I did not tell her. Here we are years later, her tumbling into a cab on the Bowery and me swinging my camera and smiling at the person she has become. When you put exceptional people in a position where they can do something they love it is really just fun to watch. 

people i know (and love)

Happy Birthday Alexis. Thank you for your honestly, friendship and that all elusive smile.  Enjoy her here.

Alexis, near and far

Life get’s in the way. People lose jobs, get new ones; fall in love, get hurt; get busy, fall out of touch. It’s part of being an adult, part of chasing your myth. Yesterday I saw Alexis for the first time in too long and for a minute or two we walked through the park and did not speak to each other. Children teddle-toddled down paths too quickly and dogs yawned next to reading owners, light leaked trough leaves like they were coffee filters and she leaned over and said, “See, this is what it’s like to slow down”. In that moment it felt nice, it felt right. 

Alexis under the bridge. 

it’s going to rain all week, you would do well to enjoy it if you can. 

don’t mind the rain

Alexis outside of Black and White, lovely.

Alexis takes her lunch, and it looks very peaceful.