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Jayson’s new dog, Odin. 

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Flagg enjoying the snow. 

Stopped alongside the highway between LA and San Diego to catch the view, ended up playing with squirrels 

Peanut hangs 10

The Polar bear in the Central Park Zoo even acts like a New Yorker, “Oy vey!”

A late night 4 mile run through the Financial District, Chinatown and the Lower East Side, Flagg earned her cookie tonight. 

Look at this Corse (cat + horse)

I love when you catch a dog doing something wrong, they know they are in trouble  but there is a moment where they just don’t look at you and you can hear them saying, “please let me get away with this, please let me get away with this”

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When visiting, it is best not to dwell on the indignity of the zoo. 

It’s Friday, seek levity. 

Flagg finds us tiresome.

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