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Riding up the coast of California from Santa Cruz, Deux North’s 8 riders test a new bike built for every kind of road. After 2 days and 200 miles, the group meets the story’s narrator, El Chapulin (The Grasshopper) to listen to his story, tell their own, and compete in an event that he created over 15 years ago. On the final day. the 100-mile Grasshopper Adventure Series race serves as the finish line for Deux North’s Hunt 4. 

So proud to be able to continue to tell these kinds of stories, thank you to my partners in this Dylan and Aaron (they actually did 99% of the work) and to Specialized and especially Chris, who believed from the beginning that we could bring this bike to life. Hope this is a reminder to everyone that the fun stuff happens when you get off the main road. 

Dave taught Don how to swim while we were waiting to check in to our hotel last week. Which was a perfect example of a good friendship.

You don’t know how to swim? Get your ass in the pool and I’ll teach you. 

Totally excellent. 

Boys of summer.

Riding in Tucson: 4 days, 305 miles, 18,500 feet of climbing, 20 hours. All different, all beautiful, all sun, all smiles. 

find some new places this weekend 

Miles of this and more, follow the story here

Deux North, Hunt 3

I love experiencing these trips through the eyes of people on them for the first time. You learn a lot about a person when you test their appetite for joy, Deux North has been lucky that our hunters always come starving for it. 

See the video here

Happy Birthday to my little brother Dylan. It’s all a bit more fun with you along for the ride. tailwinds. 

photo by aaron

Dylan and I skipped out of town the other weekend, packed a car full of tents and bikes, rode till we broke and showered in rivers. Read his take on it here, it’s better than I could do. 



I guess the biggest surprise when Deux North visited the Demolition Derby wasn’t the bacon sandwiches, loud music or deteriorating carnival rides. No, our biggest surprised was how much we had in common with the drivers, mechanics and spectators. They were all lovers of a almost forgotten craft. 

People call us crazy all the time. Waking up at 4:50AM on a Tuesday for 2 hours of intervals, trading a burger for quionia and generally putting our bodies directly in harms way. We laugh and say they don’t get cycling. They don’t know moments of greatness where your body leaks into your frame and you can’t feel anything. They can’t know the joy that comes from not vomiting on a climb one day and vomitting during one the next day. 

After spending a few hours watching cars run into each other, interviewing drivers and taking pictures, nothing really changed. I don’t understand the Demolition Derby, I don’t, but what I do get is loving something that’s hard to love. I get that.  

hunt2 from Deux North on Vimeo.

Back in August Deux North took a group of riders to the Adirondacks to learn a bit about passion, pain and themselves. Directed by Aaron Vaquez whose talent and kindness is a blessing and inspiration. 

If you are new around here, Deux North is brand I run with my little brother Dylan that’s telling a different kind of story.  It is a story of unabashed childish freedom and thrill. This is about the past, happening now. Friendship, adventure, and experience are your characters in a story about city life told amongst nature, and the last one there is a rotten egg.

You can watch our other videos here, and buy socks or a t-shirt here

Dylan and I pulled on our Daddy Long Socks and did some Sandy hunting yesterday. 

Hunt 2 Trailer from Deux North on Vimeo.


Hunt 2 was the first time we were cold in a long time. The temperature dropped nearly 20 degrees on our 8 mile journey up to the summit of Whiteface Mountain in the Adirondacks. The air at the top of that mountain left us shivering the sweat off of ourselves, and scattered around a picnic table with peanut butter & Nutella sandwiches in hand, the Deux North Hunters took a moment to reflect on the last 24 hours of hunt 2: a hallway sized van, a demolition derby, bacon burgers, maple shakes, passion, pouring rain, a remote campsite, a smokey fire, and a round of stories. The day combined 50 miles and 7,000 feet of climbing over the sometimes nearly impassable dirt and gravel roads of the Adirondack Mountains. From atop the summit we could see some 40 miles out, but we didn’t stay long. Stuffing our jerseys with local maps, and tourism pamphlets, we bombed down the washboard memorial highway, smelling burning carbon the whole way down. At the bottom, there is still 35 miles to go, but everyone knew - we had found what we came to hunt.

Directed by Aaron Vaquez

Life isn’t all that different from cycling really. When the road tips up you have two choices: sit back and let it hurt you or attack it, and when you think about it, that’s not really much of a choice at all.