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Holly went gray. 

Holly’s rain gear 

Fohr Card Team: Rich Tong, Holly Stair, John Holdun

Holly & the sun

My Fohr Card co-founders. 

Fur and Leather 


Today, I’m excited to introduce Fohr Card, a project I’ve been working on for the past couple months with the incredibly talented Holly Stair and James Nord.

We believe in creating as many opportunities as possible for brands and bloggers to work together.  To achieve this goal, we’ve created Fohr Card - a way to rank fashion blogs by follower counts and traffic, key metrics that brands use to identify bloggers they’d like to work with.

On your very own Fohr Card, you can connect your Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Google Analytics accounts to pull in your most current stats, giving brands an accurate picture of your true reach. 

If you’re just getting started with your blog and haven’t had a chance to build up your numbers, let us know!  Every week we’ll be highlighting new and notable blogs that feature terrific, original content.

One year ago Rich and Holly changed my life. My Tumblr was 3 (or 4?) years old and I felt good about my followers but was having a hard time being noticed by brands. After a few (not so subtle hints) dropped at lunch, Rich connected me with Oscar de la Renta to shoot their FNO party. It was the first time I was ever paid to take a photo and from there the last year has been surprising in so many ways. I have moved to become a house photographer at Oscar, been to Abu Dhabi and Brazil with Puma, I have been able to work with some of my favorite brands (looking at you J. Lindeberg, Warby Parker, Marchesa). I am humbled and honestly thrilled at the shape my life has taken since that lunch. 

The question was how can we scale that experience. How can we help brands find talent and lift them up by providing the opportunity to do great work. How can we help a brand answer questions like: Who are 5 good menswear bloggers in Chicago? Who should we have take over our Instagram for our show? Do you know any rare, but untested talent out there? 

I think Fohr Card will be able to answer those questions in a much more precise and egalitarian way than the methods currently used. Bloggers, brands are asking these questions, you might as well be the answer…

You can get started by creating your Fohr Card here:

Limited invite code of 100:  ”james

Classics: Holly in vintage and a Defender 110 

Holly on 27th St

More of Miss Stair’s poolside looks. 

Holly & Duke 

Gold dress, gold hair, gold light. 

Holly Stair in a vintage gold lamé dress from London. 

pool’s open / summer’s open 

Holly Stair has amazing personal style and always pulls off vintage without looking like she is going to a costume party. Follow her here