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Great weekend on the bike, soon it will be all veins and ice.

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10 from Instagram. Fohr Card launched in London and helped Rapha open their Cycle Club, I put miles in on the bike and looked out the window on a train to Boston. 

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iPhone roundup from my trip to Norway with Rapha. There are more on my Instagram, should you be so inclined. 

Dylan and I pulled on our Daddy Long Socks and did some Sandy hunting yesterday. 

The George Washington Bridge

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Things get sticky at 23%,

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10 days, 10 frames: Instagram roundup 

10 iPhone Photos from Brazil with Puma 

I can’t see more than 30 feet in front of me. What started as a bright, blue eyed day had turned menacing and cold. Cold sea fog whipped and rolled across the ridge making it hard to remember which of the seven sisters I was on. We were about 40 miles into famous Alpine Dam ride outside of San Francisco. I had lost my riding partner after the last acceleration and I was alone in the fog listening to the wind mix with my breathing.

On the right day and with the right fitness you can pedal yourself into a trance. 1,2,3,4. 1,2,3,4. Miles tick away and your tempo stays high. You ask you legs for just a little more, just one more hill, one last acceleration and on the right day, and with the right fitness, sometimes you can hear them whisper, yes, finally, yes…

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Weekend in iPhone shots. The #Preshows on Friday, 100 miles on the bike on Saturday and a little suit shopping (and buying!) on Sunday. Bottom middle photo by William Yan


winter, we barely speak anymore. 

The UN Building from the bike this morning. 

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Merry Christmas.

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I shaved my beard and am embracing 1930’s Hollywood with the pencil moustache and ascot. 

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