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Every year the Fohr Card team get out of town for a couple of days to get out from behind computer screens and talk about the future of our business. This year we were lucky enough to get to the lake house in the unreal new Jaguar XJL-R. The car easily fit the 5 person team, all their luggage and a few bottle of whiskey and did it all with 550 horsepower under the hood. 

If you follow this blog closely you know that Jaguar is a part of my family. I grew up in my Dad’s 1964 XKE and it’s been such a joy to watch the company reclaim the mystery and beauty they build their brand on. If you don’t believe that Jaguar is the best luxury car company in the world right now get in this car, roll down the windows and floor it. 

Dare you not to smile. 

One of the most enduring memories from my childhood is the smell of the exhaust coming out of my Dad’s XKE. 

1964 Jaguar XKE

Pell st. 

Megan and I were running around a bit frazzled yesterday and when our driver for the night called, we were still only half dressed and sharing a Miller High Life in my kitchen. 15 minutes later we slipped into the back of a new 2013 Jaguar XJ and headed off to the premier of Skyfall. Somewhere along the west side highway I leaned forward and asked if he could take a detour and extend our trip uptown.

It was quiet in the car, the low hum of the engine rising and falling breathing with the city and I looked over at Megan (who looked amazing in Joy Cioci) and for the breifest of moments it felt like it all belonged to us. So thank you Jaguar, not just for the ride, but for a little bit of magic on a Thursday night. 

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Grail Ride. 

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a couple’s story

Every shoot has a key image, and I consider this to be my key shot for this set

Some new work up on Two Inch Cuffs today featuring my father’s car, my brother and his lovely lady Kathy

When I get to Florida the absolute first thing I do is take my father’s 1964 Jaguar XKE for a spin 

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feels like home.

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My Father’s 1964 Jaguar XKE with the nose open. {l}

i could go for a drive right about now

A Lesson From The X-Type

In 2001, Jaguar released their first compact 4 door and called it the X-Type. People were excited when they heard the rumors, I was excited. I was 16 at the time, and hailed from a Jaguar family. I wanted nothing more than for them to do something brave and take some of the blood out of BMW, Audi and Mercedes. Fast forward two years and it didn’t work. Their sales peaked at 50,000 cars a year, half of what Jag execs were promising before it’s launch. So I was thinking this morning, why?

It seemed like a no brainer. Jaguar had been making machines of lust since 1922 and they held one of the strongest brands in the market. They were hemorrhaging cash in the late 90’s and it try and stop it they offered the X-Type at $35,000, it was a way for more people to buy into the brand and the history. There were a myriad things wrong with that car. I could talk about the design (lazy) or the construction (poor). I could wax on about the engine (190 Horsepower, really?) but I won’t. I think it all went wrong before that. It was wrong from the begining. 

Jaguar decided to cut costs by placing the X-Type on the same chasis as the Ford Mondeo, and they could not have been more wrong. I don’t think they realized they were not really selling a car, but an image. Old money, burning tabaco, worn leather and hot exhaust: they were selling heritage and the minute they decided to put those things on a Ford frame they faded out. 

Someone once asked me if it would bother me if a woman I was sleeping with was sleeping with someone else and I can honestly say it would not (does not count for serious relationship). However, my not caring is contingent on never knowing that she is sleeping with someone else. Does that make sense? It did not matter that the Jaguar was built on a Ford frame, what mattered is the customers knew it and once you know something like that you can’t un-know it.