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F R O Z E N: a week in Lake Placid, NY

Light lays in every corner, easing in between tree branches like fog. 

New York City: I came for the promises, I stayed for the people. 

Life isn’t all that different from cycling really. When the road tips up you have two choices: sit back and let it hurt you or attack it, and when you think about it, that’s not really much of a choice at all. 

It’s amazing how much this lake can look like the Caribbean 

A mosquito looking to land in the sunset. 

stand alone. 

pretty much perfect 

New York CIty will always tell you a few secrets if you are willing to listen closely. 

an early spring

New York, if only just barely. 

tilt and pop

Oakland, California 

monochrome mountaintops 

Whiteface Mountain bathing in the pink evening light.