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Bethany and Oliva taking a moment at The Stahl House

Went to a party at a suite at the Chateau Marmont when I was in LA. Perched on the bottom of the Hollywood Hills you could sip your drink and turn left and right to look down Sunset Blvd, it’s a great place for a cocktail party, but then it wasn’t. 

Los Angeles, like most cities, takes on the personality of it’s main industry. New York is as brash and cutthroat as Wall St, DC is as slimy and slow as our government and In this case, the film industry leaves a film of lies and make-believe on everything. The effect is strange. Here I am, sipping a real drink, with real people and yet it feels anything but real. The 30-somethings look desperate, the place feels like a set, and the music seems sadder than it should be. 

It’s not that people in LA don’t know how to have fun, it’s just on that balcony, in that suite and in that town the individuality of youth was dead, replaced instead by the idea of youth, at the idea of a party. 

On my way out, I proposed a toast to a group of strangers, they declined, swirling their perfect manicures around champagne flutes held just so.

They looked perfect.

I had to leave. 

Tacos at Cactus in LA

10 from the Ricoh

From the bars of LA to the bar that is my patio, my life over the last couple of weeks. 

Visit to The Stahl House

When we were in LA we visited Case Study House #22: The Stahl House. It was amazing and the sun was in Oliva’s eyes a lot. 

Case Study House No. 8: The Eames House

Yesterday was a picnic at the Eames house and a walk around the Santa Monica Pier. 

My first 12 hours in LA.

Los Angeles Wig Shop

i miss the sun on my legs and the wind at my back 

It’s hard but sometimes being the one that flies away makes all the difference. 

Stopped alongside the highway between LA and San Diego to catch the view, ended up playing with squirrels 


LA hills from my run at sunrise.