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Breakfast with Sam from Bespoken


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Mathieu in J.Lindeberg. 

A few months back, J. Lindeberg had their Saks Fith Avenue debut. To mark the event I asked a few friends to suit up and come to the party on 5th Ave. Thanks to Collin Hughes, Josh Woods, Mike Abu and Dylan Nord, y’all look great. 

Recently Purchased: Woolrich Woolen Mills FW12 Captoe Boot, Designed by Mark McNairy


Megan and CB for Timberland x Esquire

Nicks from J. Lindeberg

Mark McNairy

Dylan Nord in J. Lindeberg. 

Digging this new Lacoste Polo from their Live Collection

Yesterday in Cannes: Prada Blazer, Black Fleece Shirt, J.Lindberg Tie, Unis Pants, Zara shoes.

J. Lindeberg S/S2013 (outtake) 

I knew I wanted to do something different to highlight JL’s amazing line of summer suits but I lack budget or time to leave New York, so I hacked it a bit. I decided to shoot everything from above, tweaking the perspective enough to make it more interesting. This meant Mitch carrying a 10 foot ladder around lower Manhattan and us sneaking in shots between the traffic. 

See the results here or on GQ

J. Lindeberg Summer Suits, shot for GQ featuring Jace and Ryan

Rich Tong in vintage children’s denim.

Bond St