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That vintage Barbour jacket I got in London, I just got it back from the tailor. 

In Shoreditch, London last week. 

The first piece of style advice I ever remember reading was in GQ. I don’t know how old I was but I had gotten hold of a GQ and one of the editors was saying how he had maybe 50 black Lacoste polo shirts. All in different states of wear and fade. He said it was a near perfect piece of clothing that every man needed to own at minimum one of. 

I didn’t know much about polo shirts, my Dad wore them, that much I knew. The thing I loved about the story, and the reason I remember it so well was not the advice but rather that someone could feel so strongly about something like a black polo that they would make it part of their personality. 

It was the first time I understood the concept of “personal style”, That it is not about what other people want to wear, or want you to wear, but how you express your personality through the clothing choices you make. I liked that idea then, I like it still. 

Yesterday in Cannes: Prada Blazer, Black Fleece Shirt, J.Lindberg Tie, Unis Pants, Zara shoes.

Rich Tong in vintage children’s denim.

You know what, now for the rest of my life I get to say to people “Have you been in Paris in the snow? No?! Oh you must!”

(shirt, tie, blazer thom brown; overcoat j lindeberg; pant unis; gloves gant rugger

This summer Ken from How I Met Your Style spent an afternoon shooting me in some of my favorite LES spots, see the whole feature here

J. Lindeberg jeans, blazer and scarf. Rapha dress shirt, Stubbs and Wooten slippers and Persol sunglasses. Dents driving gloves

Megan and I on New Years Eve. Her in Oscar de la Renta, me in a J.Crew Tuxedo and Stubbs and Wooten velvet slippers. Snapped by Sharon Nord.

Today: J. Lindeberg unconstructed wool sportcoat and shirt, Burberry Tie, Unis pants, Cole Haan spectator wingtipsMoscot specs

other days

Handmade Belt, San Miguel de Allende, $10

Got this varsity jacket at Sweet Lorain in Cleveland, but like most vintage pieces for men the tailoring was way off. I went to a guy on the Lower East Side who does leather and had him take 4.5 inches out of the sleeves and 2.5 inches out of the body. The result, a well tailored 40 year old varsity jacket for under $100 all in. 

Pants by Unis, Tie by Penguin, Hair cut at Dickson Hairshop, photo snapped by Megan Collins.

Fur and Leather 

Megan in a classic striped Ralph Lauren Bikini and Warby Parker Sunglasses