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Last two from the 4th

Thanks for the show America. 

B O O M 

Sun setting, lake settling, problems quieting.

Every year the Fohr Card team get out of town for a couple of days to get out from behind computer screens and talk about the future of our business. This year we were lucky enough to get to the lake house in the unreal new Jaguar XJL-R. The car easily fit the 5 person team, all their luggage and a few bottle of whiskey and did it all with 550 horsepower under the hood. 

If you follow this blog closely you know that Jaguar is a part of my family. I grew up in my Dad’s 1964 XKE and it’s been such a joy to watch the company reclaim the mystery and beauty they build their brand on. If you don’t believe that Jaguar is the best luxury car company in the world right now get in this car, roll down the windows and floor it. 

Dare you not to smile. 

A night in Chinatown with Dylan


A walk in the woods. 

The Fohr Card team went to Blue Mountain Lake to get away from the internet and talk about our future, and obviously also to put Penny into a canoe. 

Dusk at the Marcy stop.


Some snaps from the last few weeks. 




Day One in California, we spun the legs for 20 miles, ate some BBQ and played around in Specialized’s “Win Tunnel” 

Dave taught Don how to swim while we were waiting to check in to our hotel last week. Which was a perfect example of a good friendship.

You don’t know how to swim? Get your ass in the pool and I’ll teach you. 

Totally excellent. 

Boys of summer.

Last night from Williamsburg. 

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