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I was obsessed with golf when I was young, and like all of our passions my parents were happy to fuel them along. My Dad would grab 9 holes with me before he went to work, if he was out of town my Mom would just drop me off and I would join up with some strangers. I loved the first tee shot at 6AM, there would be this amazing wall of fog 100 yards away and after hearing the crack of the club I would look up with glee 

J. Lindeberg Golf FW2014

I shot the J. Lindeberg Golf campaign this summer at the Bayonne Golf Club. You can shop the collection here.

The Milky Way as seen from Provence 

10 from Madison, Wisconsin. 

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That vintage Barbour jacket I got in London, I just got it back from the tailor. 

A few leftover shots from France. 


10 from Peaks Island, Maine. 

final final 

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Been in London for a few days with the Jaguar team in preparation for the launch of the all new XE. If you have followed me for anytime you know how important the brand is to my family, and it’s so nice to to see them hitting their stride once again. 

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Recently. Fohr Card threw a party, I walked around with William Peng, went to a meeting at Gucci and had dinner with Tumblr. 

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Here we are, decending down the backside of Mont Ventoux. I’m shivering so violently my whole body shakes, I had been climbing for the last hour and a half and now that sweat dried in the cool wind. As I navigated around another switchback I was reminded of this great Steinbeck quote that essentially says that farmers never remember the good seasons during bad ones and never remember the bad ones during good.

Descending a mountain is the same way, each switchback slowly melts away the memories of pain and slowly (but surely) you forget how you got there at all.

The pleasure erases the pain. 

Visited Saint Remy and Saint-Paul Asylum where Van Gogh spent his most prolific and perhaps most stable year of his life. 

Vacation tapering : In which you spend your last day of any trip sitting on a beach, drinking beer, talking about the things you’ve seen, places you’ve been and the parts yet unexplored. 

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Jumping off of Pont du Gard was worth getting over my slight fear of heights.