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Fohr Card vs Warheads

Remember Warheads, if you grew up in the 90’s just thinking about Warheads will probably send your saliva glands into overdrive. On the way to work today, I stopped in at Economy Candy on the Lower East Side to get something for the office and there, in the corner, was a display of hundreds of warheads. I grabbed a handful, shot into the office, and had everyone line up, pop one in and take a 10 second trip back to their childhood. 

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Erin Nord in her front yard in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Outtakes and Extra’s from Megan’s excellent GQ interview

easy on sunday morning 

A young volunteer firefighter at the Essex County Fair 

This weekend I redesigned Rich Tong’s hair, see the first iteration here

Nacho Figueras

Jamie Beck, perfect, as usual. 

Megan Collins in white for the Polo Classic

Chelsea Rogers, lovely 

Paul Yeates is a Head of Art at Rockstar Games, took four years of looking to buy his apartment and climbs mountains on his bike annoyingly well. 

people i know

Dylan glassy eyed after an 87 mile ride with 6,800 feet of climbing this afternoon. 

Mary Pat and her eyes on what was likely the nicest day of the year. 

Josh and Travis

buttoned up, vintage valentino