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First few days of riding here in Provence. 

90 miles with Dylan: Abandoned preschool, empty mental institution, trail mix, 6 apples, 1 flat, 1 sunburn. 

Riding in Tucson: 4 days, 305 miles, 18,500 feet of climbing, 20 hours. All different, all beautiful, all sun, all smiles. 

Raced down in Delray this morning. Nice to feel the sun on my legs again.

Deux North - Hunt 3

My whole life has been about stories. Bedtime stories turned to campfire stories, turned to morning after stories, turned to success stories. Dylan and I created Deux North to tell different kinds of stories. Ones about passion that becomes obsession and friendship that becomes love. 

I love this project, these people and these stories, won’t you follow along? 

Missing those sunsets in Norway, take a look back at my trip there with Rapha here

Norway from my Ricoh GR-1

iPhone roundup from my trip to Norway with Rapha. There are more on my Instagram, should you be so inclined. 

Make sure Norway is on your list. 

Rapha teamed up with Raeburn to create a new city riding jacket  made from repurposed milatary parachutes which have been deconstructed and reconstructed  integrating the original seams. I have been living in this jacket on and off the bike for weeks and can’t recommend it enough. It’s Weird enough to make people look twice, but technical enough to ensure it does it’s intended job. They will go on sale on Friday and they won’t last long. There are only 300 of each color and less than 1,000 worldwide.

photos from Ben Ingham  

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Riding through a snow storm is always going to be hard, Big, dense flakes hitting your eyes, puddles in your shoes and cold creeping into your core. It’s never going to be easy but it does help knowing we had a homemade fish soup on the other side when we peeled off our kit. 


I am in Norway with Rapha “modeling” for their AW13 shoot. Today we rode 3.5 hours in the snow, sun, rain and sleet and it was perfect. 

5AM alarms never get’s easier but you do get faster, you do get better.

GPOYW by dylan nord

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