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10 from San Miguel 

My Mom, looking lovely in vintage. 

Some from the first few hours in San Miguel 

The sunsets of San Miguel de Allende

Another beautiful weekend in San Miguel de Allende is in the books. I didn’t waste a drop of good light or tequila. 

lunch at the market in san miguel

San Miguel de Allende

I spent 4 days losing myself in the colors, tastes and nosies of San Miguel de Allende. Nestled in the mountains 6 hours from Mexico City, San Miguel has been a lot of things, an ex-pat artist community, a get away for well to do Mexico City residents and a city built on a mining boom. For all of that it was mostly a breath of fresh air and a nice change of pace. 

Handmade Belt, San Miguel de Allende, $10

sure they might have missed the focus, but this is the only non selfie photo of me from mexico, so here it is. in J. Lindeberg chinos & shirt.

a dead bat, laying noiselessly, finally. 

do more than just float. 

her story? he never even caught her name. (a series)

flower girl.