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Côte d’Azur

10 more from my weekend in Cannes with Stella Artois.

Megan Collins in Lela Rose before the premier of The Captive, which was kind of terrible, but she looked amazing. 

Really happy to be back in Cannes working for Stella Artois for a few days. #herestoperfection

Stella Crystal Chalice

If you were over on my Instagram last night, you would have seen I was at dinner with Stella Artois celebrating the launch of their new holiday chalice. Look you could drink a beer out of a normal glass, or even a traditional chalice, but then you could also drink it out of a hand blown glass with Swarovski crystals. Not really much of a choice is it? Head over to The Fancy to get yours, and see the other photos I took of this glassware as art. 

10 more from Cannes. previously

Grab some sun in the south of France. 

rain on the red carpet

Dave McName wears a tuxedo well, flies nearly constantly and would love it if you followed him on Instagram

people i know

keep you mega yachts, your floating palaces with state of the art everything. if i had the means it would be a sailboat for me. i would crawl out to the front of the boat and lay shirtless on the sun heated wood, and let it all disappear to the sound of a sail unfurling. 



Megan Collins in Oscar de la Renta and Yale Breslin in Tom Ford. 

A few from Cannes. {more}

Yesterday in Cannes: Prada Blazer, Black Fleece Shirt, J.Lindberg Tie, Unis Pants, Zara shoes.