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Thom Browne FW2014 in the wild, see more on Exposure

Veiled ladies. 

Gray at Thom Browne.

Golden at Thom Browne

Rehearsal at thombrowneny

Last 1.5 hours to show time at Thom Browne FW2014.

Hair/Makeup paintings from the Thom Browne show, I published a full look at the story on Exposure. 

see it here.

Happy Halloween from Thom Browne. 

Thom Browne last look. 

one last thing. 

Shooting house for Thom Browne meant I got to shoot in the elevator again, 5 minutes to showtime the girls are lined up and having a blast, practicing their best “demented and deranged” looks. We all pile into the enormous elevator, silence falls over the crowd as the etherial music from the top floor leaks into the elevator shaft. The doors open, the lights turn off and we are in a beautiful nightmare. 

Twisted in Thom Browne.

Thom Browne gives his models a chance to to do more than move down the runway, they get to become different people. This time either deranged patients or sadistic nurses. 

The girls at rehearsal for Thom Browne.

Getting ready for Thom Browne is a dance. The head hair stylist is always sending the models back to the chair, the hair is not big enough, do better he projects. Workers furiously stitch and sew, manicures are glued to latex gloves. Light pours through huge windows, casting warm light on beautiful things, fading sound.