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To my knowledge these are the only vinyl dipped ties in existence  reason enough to buy one if you ask me. 


I always wanted Vulpin ties to be fun. Menswear has a tendency to take itself too seriously and this is my reaction to that. Ties are screen printed with vinyl in Brooklyn and handmade in New York City. $60 over here.

We are going to be launching 6 new Vulpin ties in the next couple weeks (another view)! They will be a grey or black base with Pink, Yellow or Purple vinyl accents on the bottom. There are still a few of the original run left, so check them out if you have not yet! 


 I set out to make a branded tie.

In classic menswear, there are a myriad brands but a shortage of branded pieces. A lot of times in the absence of prints or logos it is hard to know what the brand is right away, and this is certainly true in ties. Hermès, The Hillside and what Vineyard Vines are probably the only ties you would know who made them without flipping it over to see the label. 

With Vulpin, I want the dipped vinyl bottom to become our brand. No matter what colors, prints or treatments I do in future lines, you will know it is one of our ties. 

I have a stopgap store open where you can purchase ties from the first line. Adorn yourself here.