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The Fohr Card team went to Blue Mountain Lake to get away from the internet and talk about our future, and obviously also to put Penny into a canoe. 

Thank you to everyone who came out last night to F* Wednesdays with Fohr Card and Fleur du Mal! Special thanks to Phhhoto for the both, Tin Cup for the booze, Blind Barber for the space and Alix Brown for the tunes. Let’s do it again! 


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New York City is, for the most part, full of ambitious, smart, passionate and generally interesting people. We come here to cut our teeth, make our way, prove we can do it, and yet, get a room full of these people together and we end up talking mostly about work. 

We wanted to change that at Fohr Card, and so, launched a speaking series called TenFohr in which we would ask amazing, driven people to come and talk for 10 minutes, the only rule? Their topic couldn’t have anything to do with their job or work.

Last night we had our 5th and largest #tenfohr. Jeff Laub, founder of blindbarber told us why sometimes it’s good to disconnect. Kata de Solis, managing director of Moving Image and Content defended her hoarding as a by product of growing up in the consumption obsessed 80’s. Lee sang us a song that touched a group of weary travelers on an Indian train and naveen, co-founder of Foursquare, reminded us that sometimes you climb a mountain for the view you get of yourself, not the clouds.

Everyone has a story to tell, most of us just never ask. 

Wolves at your heels

Imagine for a moment you are running through the woods. Arms pump like pistons, your breath tactile in the cold morning air. Now imagine there is a pack of wolves nipping at your heels as your catapault yourself through that morning and through those woods. What would you do? What could you do? 

You keep running. You keep your eyes forward and your arms pumping and the only thing you don’t do is look back. Doing that would certainly cause you to trip and be consumed, so, you keep running.

Business isn’t much different. You enter a space, the space becomes crowded, happens every time. The only thing you can do is stick to your plan and keep running. Pandering and reacting to your competitors is the surest was to trip, to be consumed. 

Pay no attention to the wolves at your heels. 

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Introducing the Fohr Card Fashion Week S/S 2014 Report.

1,153 blogs, 276 brands & designers, 16k posts, and over 200 million impressions across 30 days.

proud of the team and of our community. Over 200 million impressions, damn. 

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Eight months ago, we launched Fohr Card here in NYC with some of the best people in our industry.  This Friday, September 13, Rich and I are continuing that tradition and celebrating the launch of Fohr Card UK, in partnership with Dazed & ConfusedSpring StudiosKarla Otto, with transportation provided by Uber

If you live in London and are interested in attending send me an email, 

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The First Annual Fall Classic

Fohr Card worked with Alex, and got help from Nike, The Blind Barber to put on a #menswear basketball game last night. The guys were impressive, the light calligraphic.

Fall Classic NYC: 9/5 5:00PM, Tompkins Square Park

Like all things, this started with a story. Alex came to me and told me about this big part of the #menswear community who used to play NCAA basketball, and how he wanted to put on a game before fashion week. Did Fohr Card want to help. 

Yes, of course, let’s get working. 

And here it is, next week we will sit back and watch our friends try and rediscover a part of their life they had mostly left behind. I am humbled by the support of Nike and The Blind Barber on this, and thankful for Reyka and Peroni for sponsoring drinks for the after party (make sure you RSVP to the after party, space is very limited). 

Next week I expect to see all of you at Tompkins Square Park, pick a team, grab a drink and see what happens. 

Fohr Card strategy day back in April. 

Really excited that the backstage work I shot for Thom Browne is in a new print feature. Pick up an issue or check it out here

If you ride a bike and wear clothes you have probably heard of the new H&M x Brick Lane Bikes collaboration (if you havent catch up here). As a man who likes clothes and loves bikes I was stoked when they reached out to me to have me help spread the word and give away some pieces from the line. All you have to do is tag an Instagram photo of you and your bikes with #HMBikeStyle by Friday and 5 dudes will win some new threads. 

Now grab a camera, finds some tailwinds and show us your bike style.  

I shot a feature for Rag & Bone with The Man Repeller and her husband Abie, check out the whole shoot here.

silence and snow

It was snowing the night my Father told me how disappointed he was in me. I will forget a lot of things in my life, but I will never forget the way the wet snow sounded crunching under my size 5’s.At the time I was stunned with how loud the sound was but looking back, I think it was his silence that was so alarming. 

I grew up in a house were passion was assumed, excellence expected and effort essential. My Dad used to call all of us brother’s the “Future Leaders of America” and you know we all started to believe it. So when, in the months leading up to my frosty walk, I had let my grades slip and my passions switch from homework to girls his predictions of grandeur seemed a bit more distant. 

When he finally spoke up my Dad did not say much but it stayed with me. He said [paraphrasing here], “Every great thing in this world is a product of passion. The way a Ferrari sounds, the way your favorite song makes you feel or a winning catch with 10 seconds to go. They are all products of people who love what they do, and apply themselves to it fully. Your Mother and I expect you to be great, but more than that we expect you to want to be. Find your passion, it will be your greatest asset and best friend.”

I have spent the better part of my last 10 years hopelessly addicted to my passions. I have wanted to be a lot of things and gotten the chance to be quite a few of them. I helped build a small business, took an older one into the digital space, I tried to change the way people viewed stock photography, I built a record label, I’ve done marketing consulting with some of the biggest companies in the world, I am a fashion photographer and tie maker. I celebrated youth and speed with my brother and raced for my dream brand. I’ve lived a life fueled by passion but sometimes lacking in focus. 

I am proud to say that starting today, I am going to start living out another dream of mine: running a business. For the last 6 months Rich, Holly and I have been working nights, weekends and mornings on building Fohr Card and starting today we are all focusing on it full time. 

So, when I walk from the L-Train the our offices in Brooklyn later today, I will listen to the sound of the rain and think about the crunch of the snow. I’ll stand there for a second and feel the cold of that night years ago and think about my Dad and Mom. I’ll thank them for believing we all would be great and giving us the confidence to believe the same. 

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Post Man Repeller x rag & bone shoot. 


Web Pose-Off 2012: #Fashion vs. #Menswear

I was lucky enough to be asked by Lucky Magazine to shoot the newest installment of their Web Pose-Off. This time asking some of the loveliest ladies of the web to mimic their favorite #menswear bloggers. Make sure you head over to Lucky to read John’s amazing captions and a big thanks to Jesse for putting this together and Megan, Holly, Rachel and Marissa for generally being great. Also thanks to all the photographers who inspired this, it was fun to recreate your work.